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Water Features :-

Ideal to have as an interactive feature in the pool or on the deck. These are available in the form of mushrooms, water jets, sprays, water gun and hedgehog.

Floor Bubblers :-

A floor grating in the pool is connected to the air blower which produces air bubbles. The air bubbles when released create a very relaxing, massaging effect to anyone standing next to it.

Counter Current Equipment :-

This powerful jets creates a current in the water, enabling the swimmer to swim against the water current. Ideal for small pools of size 3m by 5m

Control Panels :-

Control panels are used to safety connect all electrical components such as pool pumps, under water lights, heat pumps, air blowers to the panel board

Gas Heaters :-

Represents the very latest in heating technlogy for pools & spas. Includes a digital touch pad display on all electronic direct spark and induced draft, hot surface heaters. Also includes rust resistant water path with polymer header assembly and a rapid heat combustion chamber

Automatic Pool Cleaners :-

A vaccum cleaner that cleans the dirt off the bottom of the pool. The cleaner's pump may be separate from the filtration system or connected directly to the filtration pump

Main drain & return inlets :-

Located in the deep end of the pool, the main drain serves as a collecting point for derbis and draws dirt that settles at the bottom. It also allows for complete draining of the pool. Return inlets are used to bring in fresh waterback to pool either through the floor or the walls of the pool

Under water lights :-

These can be either halogen or led lights. Wattage could be 12w, 50w, 100w & 300w either plastic or stainless steel. All lights are operated under 12 volts

Skimmers :-

Designed with filter baskets to pull debris, dirt, oils floating algae and leaves.